Green Swim Fishmeal

Green Swim

Green Swim is one of our new groundbait mixes including Green Swim Fishmeal. This groundbait is a mixture of high protein fishmeal and green betaine. This has been a winning formula for some of the top commercial anglers and now being used on natural venues too.

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This Green coloured groundbait has be come very popular throughout the UK accounting for some very good catches including Carp and Bream. Mixed with fishmeal and the amino acid green betaine.
This groundbait has become one of the fastest selling groundbaits. Using it on its own or bulking up with breadcrumb Also great when feeder fishing

Mixing: Add small amounts of water to the groundbait until you get  a soft mix that holds together when squeezed. Add some bait to the mix and make up small golf size balls, ready to add into your swim 

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