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Groundbait feeder Waggler


The idea of using an open ended groundbait feeder combined with a float was the brainchild of the late Rodney Hill of Swindon. An angler with whom a lot of respect was given by his fellow anglers. Rod was a genuine thinking match angler, he would always be first at the draw bag. Once when I asked him why, he said ” all the numbers were in the bag including all the flyers” lt was in an open competition just before the all-in. when I approached Rodneys swim, and   with his tackle box opens I asked him about this strange looking float that was lying ominously on top. ”That’s a grounders feeder float he exclaimed.” He told me about how and where he used this float and it was on the same thinking that I developed the maggot feeder Float

He wanted a float that would carry groundbait so that with each cast, the ground bait and float would all land to-gather. I’m not sure which venue he was talking about, but I thought of all the venues I could use this innovative float with.

Venues that hold Carp, Bream, skimmers, and even punched bread for roach, crossed my mind and this float could do all this and at distance.
This float is constructed with a plastic crystal waggler and a super glued open ended plastic feeder, with the weight taken off (see diagram) The feeder is glued on at the base.
Shotting up the float as normal, set with the tip of the antenna showing, adding groundbait to the float will sink; but after a second or two the groundbait would come out of the feeder and the float resettling in the swim.
The groundbait mix would have to be a dryish mix so as the water expands the groundbait in the float feeder, it would explode into the swim. Bread punch is ideal for this.
This float would have to be made by the angler, and I suggest three sizes, small, medium, and  large. Constructed similar to the maggot feeder float using an antenna if possible. Super glue an open ended groundbait feeder to the crystal plastic waggler the crystal waggler would fit I inside the feeder.   Casting this float takes a little practice, but in time the rewards will benefit, and you will be able to fish at great distances with accuracy. l'm sure you may have a venue near you, that could use this float and you may be amazed at the fish you could catch.
This boat is constructed with a plastic crystal waggler and a super glued open ended plastic feeder, with the weight taken off.

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