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Maggot Feeder


The maggot feeder float. This float was an invention of mine that I developed for a particular venue back in1971. for a medium size lake on the outskirts of my home town Woodstock Pond Newport, Gwent.

This popular South Wales match venue has an island in the middle, and the fish namely roach, Rudd, Skimmer bream, Crucian carp and tench, they all swam to a very close proximity to the island and the only way to catch these fish was to get as close as possible to the island Loose feeding pinkies and on occasions  maggot, it was the only way to get a response from those finicky fish   and loose feeding pinkies was a major problem at 45 yards.

I tried sticky maggot, groundbait etc.. And the closest I could get was with a Dave Thomas feeder float, but the only problem was, this float emptied its contents upon the float entering the water, displacing the maggots into one spot, plus with no continuity.

The question I asked my self was ”How can I get loose fed pinkies as close to this island as possible at a range of 45 feet, and within 12” of the island, with accuracy and at the same time cast my float into this area.

The answer was to come up with the idea of a maggot feeder combined with a float. I used a large clear crystal waggler and super glued it into the middle of a small plastic feeder (after taking the weight out) I then inserted a long plastic antenna into the top of the float.

How this float worked! By shotting the float as a normal waggler allowing for the weight of the maggots (hence the plastic long antenna) as the maggots dripped out of the feeder the antenna would slowly rise, but as soon as I had a bite the float would sink or disappear. For heavier fishing I use a straight waggler without an insert.This float has worked wonders for me in all sorts of situations, it is a specialized float that I made many years ago and now I am re Introducing them back into the market place with Gold Medal Floats. Using selected materials I have put together this unique float design.

My feeder float is the original maggot feeder float and well balanced, and many float manufactures have tried to copy. I wrote an article once in a weekly angling paper and had some good reports of others trying it out.

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