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Stillwater Blue Waggler


The still water blue float is a waggler float with a long antenna, these floats were introduced into the market place in the 1970s. When first introduced they were perhaps the first generation with a combination of materials, ie… balsa body and plastic tapered antenna or cane antenna.

These floats were mass produced for the tackle trade, yet the design on the float made it very appealing and above all, it had a place in the tackle box that actually worked well on still waters.This popular waggler float performs exceptionally well when presenting a bait on the drop, due to the long plastic antenna, an angler would recognize a bite at any stage throughout the drop. Seed fishing (hemp & tares) is particularly favoured with this float, as the plastic antenna is very sensitive, a grain of hemp or tare would pull the antenna  low in the water, so the balance of shotting had to be spot on.    

Because of the antenna is so long and sensitive, seeing the most shy of bite would always be easy, especially when the fish intercepts the bait on the drop, to help spot these bites, the long antenna could be painted with black and white bands, counting the bands down would be a sure way of seeing those very shy bites.

These floats have been copied many times by float manufacture’s,  yet the principles of the float is easy to understand, I have made similar floats from peacock body’s, but I believe the tapered balsa and the tapered plastic antenna can’t be beaten for very slow on the drop presentation. Although the floats only come in small sizes (3-7 BB) They are ideal for seed, bread punch, and small bait waggler fishing on canals, lakes, ponds, and slow moving rivers.  They are designed also for windy choppy conditions, riding the waves without bobbin up and down.

In clear water conditions, I will use a white coloured body float to blend in with the camouflaging of the sky. The black and white banded antenna also becomes very easy to see with changing background.

I first used these floats on a lake in my home city, catching at 25 meters well past the pole line with hemp seed the bait, on the drop. Using these floats were the answer, as hemp fishing can sometimes be frustrating, constantly striking, and not connecting, we found that these floats had less resistance than most, and we could strike numerous times before we had to reel in. The weights in our match’s doubled because of this float, from a normal 6-7lb to 12-14lb. A float worth carrying in your tackle box. The long tip part of the float is coloured black and white for easy bite  registration


Now Available Float Manual with 167 of pages

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