Gold Medal Floats

Handmade Floats By Clive Branson

Loaded Waggler


A loaded waggler is a float whereby there is a weight in the base, giving the float instant balance and registration. Nearly all the waggler range of floats can be loaded, from straight, inserted, and body types.

The loaded waggler float has many advantage’s over normal shotted floats;

(1)  It can become an instantly setting float, in-other words because of the weight in the base it already has sufficient weight to cock the float to the tip, giving the angler the advantage’s of fishing on the drop, as soon as the float touches the water.

(2)  As the float is already loaded their is no need to have excessive shots locking the float, which gives the advantage of a straighter cast, and at the same time less splash upon entering the water.

(3) Because of the weight in the float, there are less split shots to put on the line, whereby creating a presentation that is so light it can present the bait as naturally as possible.

(4)  With practice the loaded float can be cast with great accuracy, this can have a great advantage, especially when casting close to bushes on the far bank, boats on a canal, or baited areas on a lake.

(5)  Side arm casting with this float, is very easy, as the weight is in the base, simply hold the line just above the baited hook, bend the rod with the strain of the line, sweep arm around and release the reel line, The rod acts as a catapult action, helping the float propel into the swim.

Most loaded peacock waggler’s have a small brass insert in the base of the float, instead of a plastic eye, and by using a silicone adapter this float is easily attached to the reel line.

A little tip of mine to create an instant loaded float, is that in my box I carry a small roll of lead wire, because of the softness of this lead wire, I can cut a small piece off, and twist it around the base or the plastic eye, giving me the instant balance of a loaded float. (Just one word of warning about the loaded waggler, it is difficult to cast with a bulk weight down.)

I remeber a time when the loaded peacock waggler worked brilliant for me, was in France, Strasbourg at the World Championships 1986,  after an hour into the match, the rumour along the canal bank was that the fishing was very hard, and only small bloodworm fish were being caught, but then, one of the Scottish team caught a chub on the waggler, just down from me, knowing their was some chub in this venue, I switched to a small loaded peacock waggler, casting across this 30 meter canal was very easy for me, firing out loose caster. Within twenty minutes I started to catch small chub, on the drop in about 3ft of water. The last hour saw me put a total of nine chub into the net, alas I came second overall for the silver medal place, if only I had gone onto this method earlier. Yet this loaded waggler took me from nowhere in the match to second overall, and this was only possible to the light drop presentation of this method of float.

I recommend a swivel/silicone adaptor when using body wagglers, firstly it collapses when striking, allowing a more direct contact to the fish, secondly it helps to eliminate spinning and twisting of the line and hook length, which is common in long distance fishing.


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