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Thai Waggler


The Thai Waggler is a new introduction to the Goldmedal Range of Floats. This unique waggler float is very adaptable for surface and sliding fishing

I first came upon this float when on vacation in Thailand fishing the commercial fisheries that are in abundant throughout Thailand.  My first impression on this float when I first seen one, was it looked a bit odd and a very colourful and was some sort of a noddy float. However, when I saw the local anglers using this float with great affect I completely changed my mind.

The fish in Thailand tend to feed at all depths, perhaps because of the tropical warm conditions. One minute they feed near the surface and then often quickly change to bottom feeding. This can be observed when feeding the swim as the fish are seen feeding on the surface layer and then following the bait down to the bottom huge amounts of bubbles are released to the surface which is a sure sign of them bottom feeding.

This unique waggler float is very adaptable and can be used as a surface float and quickly alternating the float to a slider following the feeding fish to the bottom. Simply slide the rubber stops that are fixed to the line above the eye to the depth of the water (Or any depth the fish are feeding)

After using this float to great affect catching huge amounts of fish I am very happy to introduce this float to my range of products and very confident in saying that this float can be a tremendous float to have in any anglers box. The advantages in using this float while fishing on the surface you can quickly change to fishing the bottom by sliding up the line the rubber stoppers that are fixed on the line above the eye on the float. (See diagram below) The angler can keep catching using the same float on the same rod saving time in setting up two rods.

The extra advantages of this waggler float it is easy to cast without splashing the surface and disturbing the feeding fish. Also because of its pullout, plastic tip an angler can change the colour tip easily.

The float can also take a luminous star light tip which is ideal for fishing in dark places including night fishing.

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