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Body Waggler

The body waggler is constructed by fixing an oval shape body to the base end of a straight or insert waggler, these body's come in different materials, cork, polystyrene, balsa, elder- pith or plastic. The body may also come in various sizes, depending on the size stem and antenna and by adding a body to the float, it gives extra weight and balance with extra shotting capacity.
The body act's as a stabilizer in windy and rough conditions, these floats are more efficient to combat very windy and choppy conditions, slowing up a bad drift on slow moving and stillwater venues. The shape of the body also affects, the performance of the float, for example a body that is wider on the top will give more balance and ride the waves better,  striking also becomes easier, because of the aerodynamics, less resistance in the water,   problem's may only arise when casting, as it might not be as accurate as a body with the thickness at the bottom. Evenly shaped body's however will have both qualities of casting and balance.
To help avoid drifting and give the best affect to stabilize this float, lock the float with most of the weight and have a bulk of shot at half way depth, then under this your droppers. (see diagram) Because of the weight in the bulk of the body, the float tends to hold in a better position than a straight waggler, sinking and  tightening
There are many derivatives from this type of  float, missiles, zoomers, onions, loaded, sliders etc.., giving the complete breakdown on each float should help in the understanding of float fishing generally and any problems arising when fishing could be resolved, each float are designed for specific types of fishing,  and this manual will be covering most of them.
I recommend a swivel/silicone adaptor when using body wagglers, firstly it collapses when striking, allowing a more direct contact to the fish, secondly it helps to eliminate spinning and twisting of the line and hook length, which is common in long distance fishing.
Using the body waggler have won me many matches on stillwater distance fishing, with choppy conditions, having the tools to out fish your competitors is the secret to winning, and the body waggler is a float that could win for you.
Body Shapes
Shotting Pattern Below
Shotting Pattern

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