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Crystal waggler


The clear crystal waggler was one of those innovations floats that you either took too or not, but before you make your own mind up let me explain what happened to me, to change my mind.  A couple of years ago I fished a venue on the River Seven on the county ground at Shrewsbury, I drew a very good peg just above the foot bridge. The swim was full of dace up in the water, I used a peacock waggler across, and caught a few dace, but unknown to me people crossing the footbridge pointed down to the shoal of fish in front of me. Each time my float trotted down to them the fis

So remembering these clear plastic floats in my box. I changed over, I couldn't believe the transformation, it was as though the fish knew what a peacock waggler was, and this clear crystal waggler must have been invisible to them, I ended up with a good double figure bag of dace and winning the match.
Since that day, I have experimented considerably with these floats and have found that in clear water with the fish feeding up, then with a clear plastic crystal waggler, my catch rate would definitely improve.
Clear plastic waggler floats are precision made; they are extruded from a mould, made in various sizes and come either straight or inserted. The advantages they have over peacock is that they are almost guaranteed to take the exact shot capacity as stated on the side of the float, they also come with interchangeable inserts and at various lengths and colours.
Included with the range of floats are loaded types, tapered inserts, float adaptors, body wagglers, and with a green or blue colour hue to the stems for camouflage.
To make this float a bit more practical when dragging on the bottoms I have made some peacock inserts that fit into the top, this allows a bit more buoyancy and is less likely to drag under.
Now these days their are a few manufactures making these products of floats and they all have various degrees of quality and improvements. I believe it is best to shop around for the best quality and design.
A float that is worth carrying and using on clear conditions, especially when fish shy away from darker floats that go over their heads and with less chance of frightening them upon casting.
I have experimented considerably with these floats and have found that in clear water with the fish feeding up in the water, and then with a clear plastic waggler my catch rate would definitely improve.
An Insert Crystal Waggler

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